Waterfall Boka

Waterfall Boka is the closest sightseeing spot from the campsite that you can visit on foot and it will take around one hour. When you come to the main road you turn right for couple of meters and than you will see a path going right which will lead you to the bridge. From the bridge you will already be able to see and hear the waterfall (depends on the water flow). Cross the bridge and turn right uphill. The road is marked and it will lead you directly towards the viewpoint where you will be able to read more about the waterfall and see it nicely. 

  • Duration: approx. 1 hour (from the campsite to the view point and back).

Waterfall Virje and Gljun stream

Waterfall Virje is a 20 metre wide and 12-metre-high multi-stranded waterfall with icy cold water. You can visit it by foot, with a car or with a bike. Parking for cars is 5 € and for other vehicles 10 € – valid for 2 hours of parking.  A must see is also rear karstic spring Gljun that never dries up and the artificial lake Plužna (hydropower plant). When you come to the village of Plužna follow the labels for Virje. Before the bridge over the Gljun stream turn left and go downwards approximately 50 meters and you will reach the Virje waterfall. 

  • Duration: 1 hour one way.
Waterfall Virje

Soča Trail

Soča trail will take you from the source of Soča river towards Bovec. The trail is 25 km long, well marked and easy to follow. The duration and direction of walk can be adjusted to every individual. In summer time there is a public bus line from Bovec to Kranjska Gora and it has several stops along the Soča Trail, leaving you wherever you want. 

  • Duration: 8,5 hours (you can make it shorter),
  • length: 25 km. 

Čelo - outdoor museum

On the road towards Trenta stop in the village of Kal Koritnica and park there. Continue on foot in the trail to Svinjak. After 25 minutes walk follow the Walk of Peace markings. In 5 minutes you will approach the museum and the top of Čelo. There you will find a 200m long trench with two positions for artillery, kitchen, a watch tower, a shelter and embrasures from 1914. Museum is open all year long and there is no entrance fee. Čelo was an important position during the 12th battle of Isonzo front when hitting the Italian positions between Bovec and Čezsoča. If you are looking for a non demanding hiking trail with a great view than Čelo is a must to see. 

  • Duration: 30 minutes.

The Šunik water grove

The Šunik Water Grove is supposed to have beneficial effects on well being and it is one of the most visited tourist spots in Lepena Valley today. The route is non demanding and well marked. If you prefer longer walks go on a 3 km circular route starting near camp Klin. The shorter path starts on the road, further on where there is also a parking for Šunik Water Grove (free). 

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour, 
  • Caution: slippery after rain, not suitable for bathing.


Brjeka is a great circular route than can be started from Bovec or even from our campsite making it a little bit longer. It is also really nice to visit it with a bike. Starting from the campsite go in the direction of Boka restaurant and pass the bridge across Soča river. After the bridge turn left in the direction of Čezsoča Village. When you reach the restaurant Vančar in the village turn right and continue straight on. Stop at Brjeka and than continue your route towards the village of Kal Koritnica and Bovec. 

  • Duration: 2 hours (10 km). 
  • a great route for bikes and e-bikes. 
Brjeka Brv